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How to write an essay-reasoning?

An article on how to properly prepare and write using all tactical-literary techniques in writing essays in the form of reasoning. Composition-reasoning always has the goal of convincing the reader (listener) in something, changing or fixing his opinion on a certain issue (if the author's and reader's opinion coincide. Therefore, the basis of reasoning, its core is clearly formulated, understandable and justified from different positions one main idea, reports website.

We write a composition-reasoning on a free topic

Step one. Clearly and fully formulate the thought you want to prove.

You can check the success of this step in the following way. Read the wording to several people: if they do not have questions about your position (objections on the substance of the matter - do not count), then the formulation is successful. Now we can proceed to writing essay-reasoning.

Main part: arguments, content of arguments

Argumentation in the composition-reasoning should occupy not less than 2/3 of the total volume. The optimal number of arguments for a small (school or examination) essay is three.

The best arguments are widely known historical facts (or not very well known, but which can be easily found in authoritative sources - encyclopedias, reference books, scientific works, etc.). Good evidence will be statistical data, the events under discussion. In the practice of school essays, the most weighty argument is a literary work, but not all, but that episode, the story line, the hero's story that confirm your idea.


Conclusion deepens the thesis, contains - even if not explicit - advice, rules, offers forecasts.

Example. The first love, no matter what age it may be, can make a man and a tough, ruthless cynic, and an incorrigible romantic, and a realist who does not exclude any opportunities for himself.

The first one will be deeply unhappy: he can not love, which means that he will remain alone. The second from the absolute optimism of "love forever" often turns to the same pessimism of "no love". And only the third is able to find harmony. To make them more and more, adults, relatives, friends should be careful and serious about the feelings of adolescents and children.